Funds tend to reach ISIS militants by a circuitous route, frequently flowing from Qatar to Kuwait, which operates as a clearinghouse for funds headed to Syria and Iraq, according to the Washington think tank the Brookings Institution. Not only can WhatsApp be used around the world but, crucially, it incorporates a GPS mapping tool that makes it easier for terrorists to communicate their exact locations to each other. Kik offers the added benefit of allowing terrorists to register a username without providing a phone number that could identify them. But once a connection is made, donations to ISIS operations soon follow. None of the accounts of self-described mujaheds contacted by Newsweek would comment. Having been disguised as aid, the private funds become much easier to funnel to ISIS in large quantities. For this reason, Saudi Arabia, aware that ISIS fund-raisers may masquerade as humanitarian aid organizations, has blanket-banned unauthorized donations destined for any part of Syria. The Kuwait Connection In May , the Brookings Institution published a briefing urging that the filtering of aid to Syria be tightened, as the lines between humanitarian campaigns and jihad funding were becoming increasingly blurred. In Kuwait, the social media— and television-savvy al-Ajmi family of Sunni clerics lies at the center of Islamist fund-raising efforts for extremists. Al-Ajmi also acknowledged buying and smuggling arms on behalf of Al-Nusra.

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Rebecca Holland visits their holiest site Thursday 11 May It feels odd, at first, to be walking around an entire town shoeless, but the stone streets are smooth and clean, and within minutes it feels completely natural. Lalish and its temples are about 4, years old. Its main temple was built by ancient Sumerian and other early Mesopotamian civilisations. This temple complex is the holiest place on earth for Yazidis:

But now international travel has given the Christians more options.

This is the reaction I received from most of those who knew I was going to Iraq. What do I think is crazy? People who continue to go to the same beach resorts time after time on their days off. There is so much more to the world than that. We started the trip in Diyarbakir, in the south of Turkey. PKK graffiti Caravanserai The chute for camel food We went on a city tour with our local guide, Omar, where we visited an old Caravanserai which is now a shopping and cafe area.

The underground area which used to house the camels has been turned into a bookstore, but the old chutes to feed the camels from above still remain. PKK graffiti lined some city walls. Tea house singers Pet turtles Day 2 In the morning while waiting for transport into Iraq to arrive, I received the news I had been dreading. I had known for a few weeks that the liberation would happen by the end of the year, but the rumours stated it would kick off in October.

As much as the Mosulis desperately needing liberation from the savages that had infested their city, I hoped they would hold off a little longer until I was out of there. I was unsure of how strong and prepared ISIS could be to potentially retaliate, perhaps even in areas that I would be.

US To Close Consulate In Iraq, Citing Threats From Iran

Courtesy of Goran M. Amin Construction workers accidentally discovered a vaulted tomb dating back to the time of the Assyrian Empire in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. Ten skeletons were also found at the site. Inside the tomb, which was constructed with baked bricks, archaeologists discovered three ceramic sarcophagi holding two skeletons. Eight other skeletons were found on the ground around the tomb, said Goran M. Amin, director of the survey department at the Directorate of Antiquities in Erbil , who is leading the team that is excavating the tomb.

This rectangular shape fortress, erected in the year BC, was used by the Abbasid caliph As-Saffah with the purpose of defending his territory.

But when an unfortunate—or fortuitous, depending on how you view the glass—opportunity presented itself read: The highs were unexpectedly high, the lows disappointingly low. I also came face to face with a handful of weird prejudices and preferences I never knew I had music director at SushiCo? Geeky lover of TEDtalks? More importantly, I had a ton of fun. You never know who might be waiting just outside that comfort zone.

Read on for a stereotype-laden glimpse into the trials and triumphs of Tindering in Istanbul, ranked from least to most unexpected. The Wham Bam Thank You Man It comes as no surprise that, although Tinder has evolved somewhat, there are still men and, we can safely presume, women out there using the app for its original purpose. Luckily, these guys are quite open about their intentions.

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This paper focuses on the international impact of the 25 September referendum, and specifically on Kurdish relations with the US and Russia in its immediate aftermath. It could be argued both that the US response represents a challenge for the Kurdistan Region in Iraq, and that, for three reasons, this challenge is not new. Firstly, the new US presidency, mired in a series of controversies and enjoying only questionable domestic support, has structurally complicated the already delicate implementation of a coherent US foreign policy in the Middle East in general and in Iraq in particular.

Secondly, this has been further exacerbated by the traditional US foreign policy process whereby different bureaucracies, be they Congressional, the State Department or the Department of Defence, develop different stances about the same issue. This has been particularly the case regarding Kurdish affairs.

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Freundschaft sieht definitiv anders aus. In addition, people are now even failing to communicate verbally, with the advent of texting through cellular technology. This should be the fourth or fifth time you have repeated your thesis so while you should use a variety of word choice in the body paragraphs it is a acceptable idea to use some but not all of the original language you used in the introduction. Barter is a system of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, meet girl in greater manchester, such as money.

Watch this video In other words, they are essentially screaming out Look what I have got. Congress, Chloe loses two men in her life when one of them dies and the other is apprehended for his involvement in a murder.

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It has a population close to 26 million. Saudi Arabia is poised to remain the region’s healthiest economic engine for years to come, and will always be an important marketplace for any world brand. It is essential to partner with a company that has the knowledge, skills, resources and manpower in Saudi Arabia to properly represent your company and brand.

To this day, Beirut is a vibrant city, but also under constant threat of war conflict and terrorism.

Basra has been roiled this summer by huge protests against lack of services and mass sickenings of thousands caused by inadequately purified water. Just last week, Basra activist Soad Ali was gunned down. Then instagram model and rights activist Tara Fares , who had 3 million followers on Instagram, was gunned down on a visit to Baghdad from Erbil this week, as well. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has asked all Americans to leave Basra, and State has issued a travel advisory for Americans warning them against travel to Iraq.

The Trump administration habitually lies about Iran just as it lies about everything else. Of course, there are pro-Iranian militias in Iraq. On Thursday, rockets landed near Basra airport, in the vicinity of which the US consulate stood. The consulate was not damaged, but it clearly was in danger given the collapse of security and of ordinary governance in the southern riverine port of some 2 million.

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Unlike the rest of Iraq, the Kurdish region benefits from stability and security making it a prosperous zone in an otherwise politically precarious country. Contained within the capital city of Erbil is the Citadel, which marks the boundaries of what is regarded as being the oldest continually inhabited city in the world, dating back years. Places of Interest Erbil Capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan, Erbil is a city rapidly transitioning from a small town in to a strong economic centre for the region.

Sulaymaniyah Considered to be the cultural capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, Sulaymaniyah has long been the center for pioneering creatives, politicians and scholars. In the city is Sulaimani Museum, which is the second biggest museum after the national museum in Baghdad.

Fathers Columba and Najeeb have been cleaning, restoring and photographing the documents they have rescued from all over Iraq.

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