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Andy And where is Dr Paul Yongi Cho — biggest church in the world nearly 1 million members with nearly half of his members millionaires? Where is Brian Houston of Hillsong? This is a fake list. Who gave them those figures? Here is the list of the top five richest Nigerian pastors, from the highest authority in these matters ; http: Andy And Forbes is supposed to have some infallible revelation from above? But you attacked the veracity of its contents, imploring people not to believe this article. I then checked the comments section of another article on this website, which is speaking against pastors who preach about wealth only, and guess what, your name is all over there too.

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Many successful Rich men in the world has fallen from their particular position due to the nature of business their into. Charles is a co-owner, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Koch Industries, Charles is a businessman, political donor and philanthropist.. Charles inherited the business from his late father then expand it globally..

Jeff Bezos is American businessman who is the founder chairman and the largest shareholder of the online shopping giant Amazon. He is the founder and manufacturer of Blue Origin founded in with test flights to space which started in , and plansv for commercial suborbital human spaceflight beginning in

Its lunch break and I am using a company computer.

Share this article Share It is not the first time Ortega has topped the list. He was briefly ahead of Bill Gates in October before a surge in Microsoft shares put him back in second place. The son of a railway worker from La Coruna in Spain, Ortega transformed clothing group Inditex from a tiny family dressmaker into Spain’s biggest company. He has turned Zara into a byword in chic for the money-conscious, transforming the apparel business with its’fast fashion’ model.

Affordable imitations of catwalk designscan move from drawing board to store within two weeks, and poor sellers are pulled off the shop floor even quicker. He did not even attend the inaugural ringing of the stock market bell at the Madrid exchange when Inditex floated in Ortega holds a He was briefly ahead of Bill Gates in October before a surge in Microsoft shares put him back in second place Last year, his sales blossomed asInditex shares rose nearly 40 per cent.

He holds a It grew from humble beginnings in the rainynorthern region of Galicia to more than 6, stores in some 90countries with a stable of brands from high-end label MassimoDutti to homewear chain Zara Home. The group is only the third Spanish firm ever to be valued above billion euros, after bank Santander and telecomsgiant Telefonica, both of which now lag well behind.

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Worlds Richest People Lists Gaga may have finished first overall, but another celebrity took home the title as the highest paid celebrity of the year. Unsurprisingly, much of that came from her television and radio visibility , for which she ranked first as well. Be them a newcomer to the list like Gaga or a veteran to the game like Oprah, all of these celebrities dominated during the year in whatever they do to make their place on the Forbes list of the most powerful celebrities.

Many of these celebrities are fixtures on award shows and entertainment TV shows, as well as making popular celebrity Halloween costume ideas.

She was born on 6 November, to a Zimbabwean father and an English mother.

Share this article Share According to the Shanghai-based Hurun Report, a monthly magazine best known for its ‘China Rich List’, China is now leading the world for numbers of billionaires in what they describe as a historical ‘turning point. This year, , is a turning point. However, for a country with 1. In comparison, Americans have a far higher number of billionaires per capita, at 0. The communist nation now boasts billionaires – 60 more than the U.

In China more than new billionaires were made in the last 12 months, according to Huran – around the same number as the rest of the world’s new billionaires combines, Forbes reports. Much of the boom was down to the rise of fortunes in information technology and manufacturing. Experts say the trend also represents more privatization of the Chinese economy, around 7 per cent, with ruling Communist Party pledging more market reforms.

Hoogewerf said the ‘staggering’ number had seen China overtake the U. They are being overtaken by Chinese, and not just a little bit. We have American ones, but the king is Chinese,’ Hoogewerf said.

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Posted on May 9, Who are the richest musicians in Nigeria? Music has been paying heavily in Nigeria for the past ten years. No wonder average Nigerian youths sees music as one of the the quick means to wealth and fame.

Everyone must agree with you or else hokoyo!

Football is also a very lucrative sports that over the years keeps making both players and coaches super rich. Here is a compilation of the top 10 Richest Football Managers in the world. Though the emphasis has always been on the players rather than the coaches, it is not only the players that have been raking in money in millions. Some of the richest Football managers even earn ash high as some top players like Lionel Messi, Neymar jnr, Cristiano Ronaldo and their likes.

These coaches are now able to negotiate highly lucrative salaries of their own. Yes their jobs are by no means easy but it is safe to say that the kind of money they are making makes the stress worth the while. Top 10 Richest Football Managers in The World Below we have taken time to compile the list of the top 10 richest football managers across the world.

Please note that we are only looking at the football coaches that are still coaching at the time of the publication of this article. Marcello Lippi Marcello Lippi is the manager of the Chinese national football team. Marcelo Lippi is the most expensive football coach in the world. The Spaniard who is renowned for his his Tiki-taka brand of football is well on course to win his premier league trophy this season. Guradiola is the highest paid coach in the Premier league.

He is the second highest paid coach in England. Wenger is the longest serving manager in the premier league having joined the North London club in the summer of

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Stephanie Wang Follow stelisew January 15, 4: CRP compiled a list of the 10 richest members of Congress using personal finance disclosure information, the latest available. These wealthy Democrats are not afraid to use their big bucks and high-powered connections to get ahead.

Facebook’s share price has more than quadrupled since it went public in and with it, the wealth of its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The Cradle of Humankind, also known as “The Home of our Ancestors”, was declaired a World Heritage Site WHS in December , in Morocco, because of its outstanding universal value, due to archaeological discoveries made within the 13 sites. It is a major tourist destination and attraction in South Africa. A World Heritage Site has to have exceptional universal value, and is protected and preserved against threats of changing social and economic conditionsa and natural decay.

Once a site has been selected, it is included on the World Heritage site list, and is protected for future generations, against threats of damage caused by natural and mechanical conditions. The Cradle of Humankind is unique in that since , there have been great scientific discoveries which have been a breakthrough in the search for the origins of humankind. Amongsst these, a 3,3 million year old ancestor of humankind was discovered.

Some of the other 12 sites where fossils have been discovered, are:

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Nat Rothschild has shed his wild side to earn a fortune As the young man spoke, silence descended. Gathered around the table at this high-powered lunch in central London earlier this month were the elite of the British business world. Marcus Agius, chairman of Barclays bank, Sir David Arculus of the O2 telecoms giant, and Ian Davis, the global managing director of McKinsey consulting company, put down their knives and forks to listen.

The economy of Nigeria also flourishes under aircraft parts exports, vessels, cocoa, tobacco, processed food and spirits and vinegar exports.

Eleven countries have only a single site each. Four sites are shared between two countries: However, there are around a dozen archaeological sites in the country that are believed to be potential future candidates for World Heritage status. Selection is based on ten criteria: In Africa, there are 85 cultural, 45 natural, and 5 mixed sites. It planned to protect the sites by hiring personnel for state parties to maintain national inventories of existing sites, as well as to “prepare nomination dossiers for inscription onto the World Heritage List.

The Democratic Republic of Congo and Libya both have 5 sites on the danger list, the second highest of any country in the world and two of the three countries to have more than three sites inscribed. The table is sortable by column by clicking on the at the top of the appropriate column; alphanumerically for the Site, Area, and Year columns; by state party followed by the region for the Location column; and by criteria type followed by the country for the Criteria column.

Site — named after the World Heritage Committee’s official designation [1] Location — sorted by country, followed by the region at the regional or provincial level.

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