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They always put the needs of their patients first and are a critical link between those being treated and the wider medical team. As a nurse you will have the opportunity to work at different levels of practice, such as a staff nurse or advanced nurse practitioner, and within different specialisms, as a mental health or paediatric nurse for example. Your job will range from purely clinical care to wider emotional and social support and can take you into education, training and management. Business analyst job description A business analyst is a problem solver who plays a critical role in defining and enabling business change. They can make a real difference to business success and their influence can impact the way that a company operates. Is this fast-paced and rewarding role for you? Read on to discover what it takes to be a business analyst. We have all the information you need to write a strong CV that will show off your experience and skills in a persuasive and professional manner.

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Articles Dating Your Job: Why Dating and Job Searching Are Basically the Same You have the perfect profile with a charming picture, a short but informative list of your best traits and you have uploaded everything to the best platforms. Now all you have to do is wait for the most fitting opportunity to pop up, so you can set your cap thereat and realize the most perfect date ever.

Although they cannot be further from each other, many find that dating and job hunting have lots in common. The Hidden Treasure Not all jobs are properly advertized and not all people are putting their trust into dating sites.

You are going to date the person, not their looks!

This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. February Learn how and when to remove this template message A job fair in New York City, March A job fair, also referred commonly as a career fair or career expo, is speed dating for companies and professionals job seekers. A job fair is an event in which employers, recruiters, and schools give information to potential employees.

Likewise, online job fairs are held, giving job seekers another way to get in contact with probable employers using the internet. In-person[ edit ] In colleges , job fairs are commonly used for entry-level job recruitment. Often sponsored by career centers, job fairs provide a convenient location for students to meet employers and perform first interviews. This is also an opportunity for companies to meet with students and talk to them about their expectations from them as students and answer their potential questions such as the degree or work experience needed.

This is a way of interacting with them virtually and practical to get to know who they are. A virtual career fair include many services such as video, live chats, downloadable material and many more to make it the more helpful both for the recruiter and the job seeker. After having applied online to positions, many more people are also trying their luck with in-person job fairs.

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Enrolments are confirmed on payment of course fee. Fees are on a sliding scale, with students and beneficiaries paying the lowest amount. Your place is not guaranteed until payment is received. Enrolments accepted only with payment of course fee.

I wish to become part of your team as the next step in my professional growth.

As it turns out, moving country is quite a bit of work and involves more than just booking a ticket to Sydney. As promised, here is the long awaited follow-up to the original blog I wrote about job interviews. I capitalise this because I personally despise the basic Arial font written word doc CV. Go for a splash of colour! Use those word doc templates I currently have a very nice one with pink and black.

Keep it fresh and relevant. Include the ones that have relevant experience and represent a significant chunk of time.

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Because that’s Google’s work culture. And Google wants new employees to fit in with their other workers and the culture of their office. So, if you wanted to apply to Google, how could you let them know that you fit?

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Rhiannon Mackay, the first woman in the country to be imprisoned for lying on a CV, wrongly claimed to have two A-levels and also made up references. The year- old, who used the fake CV to apply for 11 other jobs, held the post of capital projects administrator in the NHS from May until last October. Plymouth magistrates heard the post required applicants to have at least two A-levels and Mackay, a former Royal Navy sonar operator, claimed she had two grade Bs.

When asked to provide a reference she forged a letter of recommendation and signed it using the name of her now husband, a chief petty officer. Mackay, of Plymouth, admitted fraud by making a false representation and asked for 11 similar offences to be taken into consideration. Claire Busby, prosecuting for the Department of Work and Pensions, said: Any applicant without the qualifications was rejected.

Jodie Baker, defending, said Mackay was suffering from post-traumatic stress and depression. She had no idea this misrepresentation-could land her in jail. He claimed he had a doctorate and Masters degree when he only had a second-class science degree. A fifth of employees have lied on their CV according to a survey of 2, workers. More than 19 per cent said they had ‘expanded on the truth’ about qualifications, www. Share or comment on this article Most watched News videos.

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April 7, Improper dates in your job descriptions could keep recruiters from finding your resume. You worked hard to craft a resume to match. But all of the effort could be undone by something as seemingly insignificant as the dates on your resume. Little noticed on the paper document, the dates on your resume — specifically the ones attached to your job descriptions — are vital to the electronic data gathering systems, called Applicant Tracking Systems ATS , that most large employers and online job boards use to store and sort your resume.

The three most common mistakes that could keep your resume hidden from recruiters are also the easiest to fix.

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EDT Updated with comment from Facebook spokesperson. The update could indicate a larger interest in the job searching and recruiting space, putting Facebook in direct competition with LinkedIn. Why Facebook’s app looks so different Of course, Facebook already lets people share their professional experience with their friends in its existing “Work and Education” section — but the newly revamped version of the section expands some categories and lets users share more detailed information about each previous jobs they’ve held.

Screenshots of the tested feature indicate that the detailed summaries will not show up on your public profile, meaning that Facebook is likely making resume details hidden to everyone but recruiters. Some staffers at TNW in Amsterdam were also able to access the new section, according to their report. When asked about the feature, a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable, “At Facebook, we’re always building and testing new products and services.

We’re currently testing a work histories feature to continue to help people find and businesses hire for jobs on Facebook. If the change decouples a user’s personal profile from professional experience, it could show that Facebook will be rolling out a job and employee search function — without all those embarrassing college photos popping up in the same place. This could also just be the next step toward all social media performing all and every function, becoming less and less differentiated.

And on October 10, Snapchat Yelpified its app with the ability to add restaurant reviews and reservations to stories. Everything is same now.

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Writing a Belgian CV and interview tips 1 comment How to write a Belgian-style CV and cover letter plus tips on job interviews in Belgium to give you the best chance of finding a job in Belgium. After you find a job in Belgium , you should adapt your resume or curriculum vitae CV and interview techniques to match the general expectations in the Belgium job market. Learning a few Belgian cultural traits can also help you avoid making behavioural errors if you are invited to a Belgian job interview.

It shouldn’t look forced but it should give the impression that the work you put into constructing your resume is an indicator of the kind of dedication and hard work you’ll bring to the job.

Spanish Careers For seven decades, the qualified and experienced professionals at DynCorp International have provided our customers with top quality service around the world. Our people enrich the Company with extensive real-world experience, expeditionary spirit and innovative thinking. Please use the links below to learn more about our career opportunities. Routine maintenance will take place on all pages within the Careers portal every Saturday from 12 a.

During this time, all career pages will be offline. We apologize for any inconvenience. These deceptive and unauthorized individuals are soliciting money, promising placement in a position with DynCorp International. Please note any communication requesting any amount of money in exchange for employment with DynCorp International is fraudulent.

These communications do not originate from DynCorp International and are not associated with the recruitment process. DynCorp International and its affiliates never charge candidates fees or payments of any kind in order to secure employment. As a precaution, we recommend you do not disclose personal or financial details to anyone as a response to an unsolicited e-mail, social media or dating website request. DynCorp International will never ask for a placement fee or any other fee to expedite the hiring process.

If you are contacted by anyone offering employment with DynCorp International, you should never be asked to pay a fee for recruiting. DI personnel will always send e-mail from an identifiable corporate account ending in dyn-intl.

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British Citizen Parents originally from Bangladesh, Sylhet, Bishnath Religious Muslimah – Sunni, observes prayer, fasts etc and modesty through hijab and does not mix with men. Education Bachelors in advertising and Marketing 2. Mother is Aminah Begum, housewife.

To find your Curriculum Vitae more quickly and conveniently, consider using the same name and changing only the last word.

The recruiter will usually have no way of telling if the resume is up to date, so they will just automatically ask to be safe. If it’s current just say so, it won’t be an issue. The recruiter wants one that includes your current position and experience. Any job that doesn’t require you to grow your skill set is one you’ll be bored with quickly. Those are the ones worth pursuing.

Pick a number from 1 to If you guess the number correctly I have a mind blowingly great job for you!

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What are scam emails? The second type of scam email simply offers you the job without ever seeing your CV or speaking to you. This is known as a phishing scam, and is used by fraudsters to access valuable personal details. How can you tell? Some scam emails can be very convincing, especially if they address you personally , but there are a few things to be on the look-out for. This includes asking for your date of birth, bank details or a copy of your passport to prove your ID.

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The website lets staff leave anonymous reviews on their employers as well as feedback on everything from the interview process to what the CEO is like. They ranked them based on community feedback — users could tag questions “very difficult,” for example — and offered up a list of the 20 questions that they thought were the toughest. The question was posed to someone applying for the position of “learning and development employee” — presumably a HR role that involves staff training. The question may be trying to gauge the candidate’s empathy skills, which can be important in training, or their own experiences with learning and training.

The company asked this question of a potential management accountant but these types of questions are often asked in management consultancy interviews. The idea is to see how logically candidates think and watch them tackle a problem in real-time. Asking a would-be product manager if they’re a “nice guy” will keep candidates on their toes — is the right answer to say yes or do you need to be a little cut throat to get by at the company?

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I feel that this qualification will prove detrimental to me for future success. Candidate stated the ability to persuade people sexually using her words. Candidate included naked picture of himself.

Objective Some resume writers do not include an objective, either for reasons of space, personal taste, or because they want to hand out a lot of resumes at a career fair and think that an objective might not allow them to cast as wide a net.

Daniel makes some classic mistakes in his interview. Here are a few mistakes to avoid: What to wear It can be difficult to choose the right job interview clothes. Most companies will give you information about their dress code, if you phone their reception. Even if they say they have a casual dress policy, it’s still a good idea to dress in slightly smarter attire to show you’ve made the effort.

If in doubt, dress slightly smarter than you usually would for work.