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I think if I had the DW2 in proper matches of tier 4’s, I wouldn’t be in such a bad position As you said, I best just take it until I get 10k more xp and go to the VK Normal vehicles in WoT’s will only ever see vehicles two tiers higher then them. Vehicles with scout match making will see vehicles three tiers higher then them except for the chaffee which can get into tier 10 games. Premium vehicles will only see vehicles one tier higher then them. This is all asumming that your running solo and not platooned with a vehicle of a higher tier or one that gets scout match making. To be slightly more specific if anyone cares, not all scout match making is the same, it’s actually weighted. Scout match making actually veries from vehicle to vehicle but it’s really only the percentage of time that a vehicle will see certain tiers. The DW2 is right up there with the worst tanks in the game None of the tier 4 tanks are perticularly good, but the DW2 is a special kind of bad.

The Panama American

It’s fun blazing around the battlefield with that speed, but it’s the only tier 2 that sees tier 4s in the game. Available in tech tree. Is tank X worth the gold? It can pen most tanks in the rear and sides and they look really surprised once a scout pens them for and damage crew and modules. It’s fast, maneuverable and deadly in the end game.

T26E4 This tank is heavily armored but very slow for a medium.

Premium vehicles will only see vehicles one tier higher then them.

Tips on playing heavies for a light tank driver Fastfission posted a topic in Metagame Discussion I’ve played mostly light and medium tanks, and I’ve recently been trying to learn how to play heavy tanks. I’ve also got the IS-2 from the Berlin Quartet, and a Churchill 1 that I played very early on I got really tired of chasing battles around at 20 kph. I’ve read the guides and watched videos on how to use heavies and I do know generally how to sidescrape and angle, but I’m just not having much luck this last week.

I think a good part of this is simply learning heavy locations and positioning for various maps at which I so far stink , but one problem I’ve really been struggling with is using these tanks when bottom tier. It seems that no matter what I do, I’m facing tanks that I can’t pen, but that can cut through my armor like butter no matter how I angle. I’ve tried playing as support, but the Russian guns don’t have the accuracy to hit weak spots at any range. It doesn’t help that matchmaker seems to be having issues.

Funny thing in all of this is that I’m actually having decent luck with the T1-heavy, which I’d always heard was a difficult tank. I think the combination of mobility and decent gun handling helps here. I’m really just fishing for some suggestions on how to play heavies when they’re not top tier, particularly for the KV and IS.


Matchmaking does suck, it is solvable, but it is not as clear-cut as intuition suggests. For starters, tier 4 is brutally shafted by Tiers are ‘kiddie pool’ tiers, protected from The supposed “7 bottom-tiers” in your tier 4 battles won’t show up because that would be tier 2, and tier 2 doesn’t meet tier 4 except T2 Light.

Well there are several factors and game design decisions that contribute to Tier IV being the pressure point it is.

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PzKpfw 38(t) nA Guide

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What tends to happen is that the aggressive and mixed playstyle members of the team will be put under too much strain, who then dies.

May 31, at 9: Maybe you just should artficialy lower them in team list below all other tier VIII tanks to limit this wining. But real effects of these change will be visible on real server, test is too strange place to show us all aspects in that case. I hope all these changes will limit SPG presence in battles.

I have alraedy written everything in the previous post about single premium account. In around 20 more battles I played in the evening all was rather OK. The bigger problem are tanks dissapearing due to some problems with refreshing server, my PC, patch – I have no idea what causes it testing arty I had situation when I have seen tanks on minimap but not in sniper view and both enemies and allies. New damage mechanics, penetration, HE No issues, I think that changes are good.

World of tanks (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox , Windows)

General News Discuss on Forum With so many new nations joining World of Tanks lately, we’ve had little time to really appreciate some of the smaller additions as of late. Below you’ll learn about some of the unusual characteristics of this vehicle, its history, and some strategies to take on the battlefield. It suffered the fate of many interesting vehicles that were thought up in the post-war era, when the American tank manufacturing industry was very rich in ideas but became increasingly poor in funding.

The few available records say that its development began in the early s when the US Ordnance Committee ordered a new light tank with very specific characteristics, aimed at replacing the T41E1 — which itself had already been the improved successor of an upgrade of the experimental light tank T Being the third generation of an experimental vehicle, the T71 was meant to continue the same bold nature by sporting a heavy 90mm calibre gun on a 20 ton light weight structure.

Manufacturers such as the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant put forward their plans featuring an oscillating turret that would be able to handle the recoil of the cannon.

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Mountain Pass den 25 januari M18 Hellcat Credits received: We start from north. After 5 minutes or so our T29 is alone on the west road, facing 5 tanks. I have speeded across the middle-gully and take out 3 of them from behind. T29 finishes of the other two. T29 heads towards our base, telling me cover.

We finish of one tank on the road back. At base the T29, S35 and me meet.

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The crew consists of 4 tankers: Upgraded turret, you need all the view range you can get. Tracks, this improves the mobillity and allows you to mount the 5 cm if you want and additional equipment. Both Radios, though you should have unlocked then already. The Pz 38 nA is often accused of being slow and unmanuverable, comparing it to the T and Luchs.

I will keep this post updated if anything changes, but expect a big patch on november 6th.

Matchmaking rule changes have shifted around Tiers II and III somewhat, you do not have to go very far at all to find someone struggling. Why is Tier IV the pressure point however? Well there are several factors and game design decisions that contribute to Tier IV being the pressure point it is. Scout tanks Take two tanks, the Covenanter and the Panzer 38 nA.

Both appear to be Tier IV light tanks, and on the basis of the information in-game there is no suggestion of any particular difference between the two. However, there is one critical difference, and that difference is one of the rocks that most commonly wrecks a potential World of Tanks career. The Panzer 38 nA is a scout tank, a tank can can see Tier VIII tanks in battle, and a tank who is not expecting to do damage as its primary role.

In other words a tank whose game design is totally different to anything that the new player has encountered up to that point. Remember as well it is easily possible to get into that scout tank with considerably less than games played. After matches, what knowledge did any of us really have about this game? Especially for the casual player, facing a KV-4 with a pea-shooter is going to be a shock.

Lycan T71

Whether vehicles are stock or fully researched, how they are equipped, nor crew skill is taken into account by the match-maker. Vehicle Tier Vehicle tier is not taken into consideration when balancing teams. This is a common misconception among players. For example, under the current rules a tier 8 medium can be matched against a tier 7 heavy tank.

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Thanks your run down Guerdon. The two main points overall I’d suggest you could work on are: You probably could have got a shot on the M3 Lee in the middle but it would not have been easy. The main issue with this was that you drove away as your Matilda BP pushed down the beach, probably expecting your cover fire. Moreover, you didn’t go back when he first lit the Crusader at You appeared to be going to cover him around


Full implementation of our modified ELO matchmaking solution. Instead they are using regular heat sink value of 0. This is the bug, it has been fixed in the upcoming November 6th patch. During the testing of the DHS bug we uncovered a long standing heat related bug. This is also going to be addressed in the next patch. Expect some widespread changes.

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Great videos, nice game even multidisplay capable at F2P game. Looking forward to play it. Firstly, there are 4 main classes of tanks and 1 class of support vehicles, which tend to have similar gameplay or characteristics, but it’s far from the fact that tanks within a class or same, quite the contrary, they all tend to be very different from each other. The main classes are: Their primary role is to keep the enemy team lighten up, so their teammates with bigger guns can deal the damage.

However that does not mean that a light tank is incapable of dealing damage on its own, if opportunity arises, any light tank can go for the kill on even the heavies of enemy tanks. Their role on the battlefield tends to be on the front line, slugging it out against the equivalents of the opposite team. However, that does not mean that there aren’t different heavy tanks, as there are many which do not sacrifice speed, but rather some other quality, such as armor, which gives them quite a different role on the battlefield, relegating them to flanks or second line support units.

They tend to lack in firepower and armor compared to heavies, and in speed and size compared to lights, but they’re still rather agile, well armed, and adequately armored in most cases. They usually don’t excel in any particular quality, and can be considered a sort of jack of all trades type of tanks, which makes them rather deadly in capable hands.

You can consider many of them ninjas of WoT – tank destroyers – guns, guns, guns, and camouflage. These tanks usually rely on their extreme firepower, and their low profile that keeps them harder to spot than others, so by the time you actually do spot them, it’s too late cause they already have killed you.


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Removed the SCR radio.

I think that tier IV scouts are useless these days. It is mainly because there is not enough arty and game is more dynamic. Another reason, as I see it, is that majority of MTs can do the same, if not better as tier IV scouts. It was good about year ago, when there was plenty of arty and scouts were essential, but these days, they are not capable of doing anything, unless you have a good crew on them.

On a tier IV scout, you have low viewrange, so you need to get closer, you have weak gun, so even if you encounter someone, you usually die instantly, your camo bonus is not very high and as I said, you need a good crew with some camo and 6th sense on it to be useful. There are many beginners who do not know about this MM and often get confused, because nobody tells them anything and if they ask, they usually get answers like: And tell me, even if you spot some tanks, there is often nobody to shoot them, because majority of players on tier IV-VIII are red barons.

And even if you manage to spot something and they eventually shoot it, you get very low xp. They are not useful for active scouting, because it is highly limited by chosen map and they lack viewrange, so they often need to be in enemy territory, where they are easily killed. As for passive scouting, even with binoculars, you have poor viewrange of about metres, so again you have to move into danger zone.

In every tier VIII battle, you are a 1 hit kill target. And, unlike other higher tier scouts, you cannot defend yourself, when enemy approaches, since you have weak gun.