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Reply on December 14, Cheats players and constant Hacks plus Fake names are everywhere making your team worthless due to the amount of fake names Cheaters that abound this game. Please tell me how the game is before I play it. Nothing against those Russians, but in this game they have a ridiculously unfair advantage of being able to buy equipments for half the price that Europeans or Americans have to pay. This is probably to push non-Russians into buying more and more using the currency of their country which is more valuable to Tanki than RussianRoubles to catch-up with the Russian majority. Again, as mentioned by loads of others, nothing against those Russians, but they sure love cheating. The game is full of cheats and the game does nothing about it, apart from the usual BS platitudes and lies from the forum admins. He is just saying that tanki is a good game when no Russians are around.

[2/26] Public Game Matchmaking Issues [Resolved]

Since the proportion of damage that goes into Block Damage has been increased considerably with the last Fight system update, we lowered the Block Damage bonus that you can get from gear. It is now half as high as it used to be. Also, taking a penalty to Block Damage has thus far been pretty consequence free, making the bundles with chip damage penalty better in our analytic.

We then decided not to lower the penalty values to keep those bundles competitive. New Legendary gear added.

Swinging a sword at armour in the original system which they dumbed down would not cause damage to a person wearing heavy armour unless you aimed for unarmoured parts.

Much of them have been around from the betas, but some are brand new. Some of them require tinkering on your part, but can be solved. For Honor issues and crashes and how to solve them Note: The top of the list are new errors, while the lower entries are ones from the beta tests. Controller not responding in For Honor There are some reports on controllers going wonky on PC, switching button actions at random.

Simply setting guard mode on toggle instead of hold seems to solve the problem. None of the players who got their game this way are able to play it yet. It looks like the codes are tied to a specific timezone, one with a late launch time. Deluxe and Gold codes not working Many players who got the gold or deluxe edition of the game have reported being unable to redeem their bonus content. Sounds too distant in For Honor Some PC players have complained about sounds during combat being too distant.

They can hear the announcer just fine, but when the battle starts, audio seems to tone down on its own. This seems to be a problem the devs will have to work on.

How To Open Ports in Your Router for For Honor

Thanks again to everyone in the Medal of Honor community who participated! Because we wanted to be fair to our fans and replicate the day 1 consumer experience, members of the gaming press will also receive their review copies when the patch is ready on October 23rd. Medal of Honor Warfighter is the most ambitious game in development in the Medal of Honor series — creating the biggest and best game in the storied franchise means the team is working hard to integrate as much feedback as possible into the game as it goes live.

Now able to add friends and join parties while in-game.

Teams then take turns selecting their champions while being able to see the selections of the other team.

Feb 11, 57 Advertisement Zack said: It is very bad design on the developers behalf. Ever since Dark Souls did it successfully, more and more developers seem to thinking having the shoulder buttons to attack is a good thing, and thats not always the case, as this game proves. Having Square and Triangle for the attacks and Circle to block break would have been much better and more natural.

This control scheme takes some practice but it works just fine for this game. Once you learn how to play and use the different characters properly, it functions perfectly fine. It’s tough dealing with multiple players, but that’s hardly bad design.

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Year in, year out, games — via Steam and otherwise — are produced in such varying degrees of quality that no announcement is destined for certain success. Masterpieces are released alongside utter disasters, franchises are born while others dwindle and occasionally — so very occasionally — a game actually lives up to our expectations.

Upcoming PC games Q1 Railway Empire There are loads of simulation games out there – for cities, planes, and even farms.

Touya and Yukito are similar, in that they’re much more low-key and self-assured than Sakura and Syaoran.

I respect your opinions and thoughts and its’ good that we can both agree to disagree. As for you in your 40’s I suspect that at 69 I may be the oldest gamer on this forum. You probably are already watching this one but I think the upcoming Kingdom Come: Deliverance may be the game you might like possibly like better than even WOTR.

Bannerlord looks good too but if I can’t use a gamepad in it I’ll have to pass. I’m also looking forward to Ghost Recon: Wildlands in March as the setting and sponge-type enemies in The Division was a disappointment to me. I think the open-world play in Wildlands will feel more liberating and enjoyable for a mostly SP gamer like myself. Ubisoft is going to have another For Honor Beta just before release this month. Why don’t you go on the Ubi site and signup, give it a try and let me and the forum know what your impressions are of it.

It might make for some good discussion. As predicted I was not personally impressed on a number of counts with my first impression: The fighting system, first impressions: I mean I cannot turn around to face an enemy behind me while in guard mode facing another.

For Honor Patch Notes

Pinterest Battlefield 1 is back online today with a fresh update. As it is written in the patch notes , the update fixes some bugs — you will not find any new features or improvements to the menu. Multiplayer and single-player issues have been fixed, like various glitches and crashes. This Battlefield 1 Patch should do more than good for all of the BF1 lovers.

There is a specific fix that you will want to be aware before jumping back into play:

Select the “Option” tab Step 2:

Update February 2, However, the pass seems to be centred around giving holders exclusive cosmetics as well as early access to upcoming heroes. Maps, modes, and gear will be made free to all straight away, but season pass holders will get a bunch of items and emblems for their money. Six all-new Heroes available seven days before release to all players Six elite outfits to customise the new Heroes Day One War Pack One exclusive sunbeam effect on emotes for all Heroes Three exclusive emblem outlines Three scavenger crates to unlock additional gear day Champion Status that gives XP boosts to friends, more XP from crafting and additional end-match loot All of this loot, minus the heroes, will be available at launch.

The For Honor open beta will run from February Original Story January 12, It was quickly removed, but you know how these things go by now. A sharp-eyed Redditor took some screengrabs, and so here we are. Taking the season pass first, it looks like this will follow the successful format laid out by Rainbow Six Siege.

Street Fighter V New CFN Features Detailed; Open Beta Testing On PC Confirmed For Next Week

March 10th, Forum Post Server-side Fix A fix was hot-dropped earlier today that fixed the issue of Argon Crystals not being consumed as per: Enemies that have been targeted for Inaros’ Devour are now invulnerable to everything but you while they are being pulled in. Increased the amount of the Ferrox pull force to prevent enemies from meleeing out of the tether. Improved enemy navigation paths in the Infested Salvage game mode.

Removed secret enemies from appearing in the Codex. More fixes towards remaining cases of unreceived quest rewards dating back to November.

Y’know, like the Rivals do.

When trying to connect to a For Honor multiplayer game, you want your NAT type to be open or at the very least moderate. Below we’ll tell you how to improve issues with your NAT type being Strict or Unknown which can also help fix Uplay disconnection error codes , , and , or network error NAT issues can also cause problems with matchmaking and making sure your NAT type is open can help when you get For Honor matchmaking failed. What is a NAT Type?

In addition to easing traffic routing, it also obscures IP addresses using IP masquerading which allows for an increased level of protection against malicious users when playing online. The exact way NAT works is too complex to get into here.