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Smart Backpacker What started in as a way of leisure turned out to be a way of living life to its fullest! I am a spelunker, trekker, adventurer, photo enthusiast, river rafter, motorbike and bike enthusiast, waterfalls chaser, playwright, poet, nature tripper, professor, lawyer, blogger, reviewer, and a lone traveler. I am a Filipino! This is my life. It’s February 1, and I am wondering where to do my next travel in the Philippines. After seven years of travel in the Philippines, I still love traveling in my own country. In a way, I know I am contributing to our economy. I love the Philippines!

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The days are adventurous and nights are romantic for the couples. Alona in Bohol Stated as one of the best beaches in Bohol, the place is highly packed with high rated restaurants and attractive bars which make it a perfect starry-eyed place. Many Filipina girls who are looking for compatible partners are frequent visitors of this place and join with their friends.

Panglao in Bohol This is the biggest tourist attraction of Bohol. Stunning resorts and striking restaurants have captured every inch of this area.

Access to the top of the grotto could be made by climbing the long steps or by driving up a winding road.

A quick perusal a week before of cheap destinations found us a cheap ticket to Manila, the bustling capital of the Philippines. We ended up spending over two weeks in Manila, which was way too long. We kind of got sucked in. Manila is pretty much a shithole. Nowhere else in my travels up to this point has the difference between the rich and the poor been more noticeable than there.

There are way too many people in town and many, many of them are desperately poor. The Philippines was a longtime Spanish colony, and it shows this heritage in many ways. One way is that everyone has Spanish last names, and unlike much of Asia, the girls have regular first names. The English in the Philippines is excellent — better than any other country in Asia, so that also makes things much easier for the single dude traveler.

The Philippines have been highly colonized by American culture. This is not a good thing.

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Top 10 Make-Out Spots in Metro Manila We case 10 “hot spots” in the city where temperatures reportedly rise as soon as the sun goes down. Aug 26, Share Tweet Pin 0 Comment No matter what the season, some spots in the city reportedly register high temperatures. Based on actual eyewitness accounts, SPOT.

Everything else about dating in Hong Kong is expensive.

As a holiday destination, Taipei is synonymous with one thing: Almost everything is delicious in Taipei, but for an absolutely phenomenal food experience, there are some things that you have to include in your food-slaying hitlist. With only 5 days to spend in this food-crazed city, all thanks to Scoot, Tiffany and I had only one goal in mind: To experience the best that Taipei has to offer, bite by bite. We hunted through the countless lanes that map out the city, sussed out out-of-the-way cafes and burnt our sleep time combing through night markets.

And of course, stuffed ourselves silly at every opportunity. All in the pursuit of glorious food. Here are 21 of the greatest eats from this land of smiles and street food galore.

15 Most Intense Archaeological Discoveries in Philippine History

March 18th, in Filipina Girls Luzon Manila Nightlife Let me tell you right away that the nightlife and girly bar scene in Manila is extremely business oriented, and if you have just come from Bangkok you might not enjoy it at all. And thirdly, Manila is just a huge, hectic and congested city with lots of traffic. And if this is your first time in Asia, well, then you will probably feel even more uncomfortable in this city.

Of course you will enjoy yourself in Manila if you are aware of everything I have just described, and even though you will spend a little more money in the different girly bars, at the end of the day you are probably still lying in bed with one or two? Despite all the chaos in this city.

Do you hate sunlight or do you have crippling insomnia?

These girls are poor. I can therefore also conclude that all American women are prostitutes, based on the poor, drug-infested, prostituting women I saw in San Francisco. Given the automatic negative response, most people would rather be emotional about it than talk rationally about it. I definitely agree that I came across too cavalier and relaxed about the whole thing. Now, for the juice. Of course, not all Filipinas are like this.

The Filipinas who have the affluence to post online about it represent a TINY minority of the million people in the Philippines. But once we get passed the generalization, I think that this is a very interesting issue. For example, think about the economics of prostitution.

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This site is probably the best at weeding out the fake profiles. They encourage you to let them know of any profile that is asking for money or that appears fake in any way. You can filter profiles by location, age, weight, height, interests, and see photos of all your matches before committing to a membership. Online dating is especially popular in Cebu. Read our longer Pinalove review. You can filter for men, women, and ladyboys, and choose which ones can see your profile or not.

A forum hosted by the Prosecution Law Enforcement and Community Coordinating Service proleccs discussed several factors that contribute to the human trafficking problem and these include poverty, the proliferation of underground cybersex through internet and sex tourism.

Statistics[ edit ] A report put the number of child victims of prostitution at 75, in the Philippines. An undetermined number of children are forced into exploitative labor operations. The Philippines has a serious trafficking problem of women and children illegally recruited into the tourist industry for sexual exploitation. The promise of recruiters offers women and children attractive jobs in the country or abroad, and instead they are coerced and forced and controlled into the sex industry for tourists.

The area is a favorite for foreign child molesters seeking children. Most of the sex trade around the base closed at the same time due to the loss of the GI customers. STD cases rose five times. The RHWC treated 1, cases in , 2, cases in and 6, cases in Most of the afflicted were women. She was eventually trafficked to Malaysia where she was forced to take drugs and forced to service 20 customers a day [20] Metro Manila[ edit ] Visayan Forum Foundation has established in that most of the children and young women trafficked to Manila from rural areas in search of work were assured jobs as domestic workers, but in a significant number of cases end up in the sex trade.

Sonia Zaide, an activist who is particularly concerned by the expansion of the town’s sex trade to include minors, mostly young boys. Foreign child molesters take advantage of the poverty, with children often being used as sexual currency by their own parents. Binay ordered a crackdown against prostitution following reports that some prostitutes are linked to criminal syndicates.

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Later on, a small population of tigers became trapped in Palawan when the gap widened as a result of rising sea levels. This population gradually became extinct due to a combination of diminished prey, loss of habitat, and possible overhunting by our ancestors. Pygmy Buffalo via National Geographic Other than the world-famous Tamaraw, another species of dwarf buffalo is believed to have settled here in the Philippines, particularly on the island of Cebu between 10, — , years ago. Judging from fossils accidentally found on a hillside in Cebu , Bubalus cebuensis is estimated to be only 2.

Scientists say its discovery is significant because it offered an insight into island dwarfism—an evolutionary phenomenon wherein animals become smaller over time in order to adapt to confined locations with meager resources.

Just stand up, walk over to the sink, and pull some toilet paper out.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines. The CCP usually serves as a venue for performance and exhibition for various local and international productions with its hectare acre complex located in the Cities of Pasay and Manila. It has a variety of attractions within its 35, square metre complex including kiddie rides, a playground, Winter Fun land, Dino Island, Star Theatre, miniature train rides, a go-kart track, and four roller coasters. The Snow World, with freezing temperatures, has carved ice slides for kids, carved ice statues, ice castles and igloos while the Dino Island contains a small museum with prehistoric artefacts.

A pathway at Paco Park in Manila. Photo by Angelyn Marquez via Wikimedia Commons. It is circular in shape, with an inner circular fort that stood as a cemetery.

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