Collective Wisdom: Technology in the Art Classroom

Saturday, September 8, 50’s Diner Classroom Rockin’ Out in 2nd Grade! It isn’t totally complete, but it’s as finished as it will be for awhile! This will be a HUGE post due to all of the pictures. There are soooo many creative people that have given so freely of their ideas. Many of the ideas I have modified, yet some are as is. I hope you enjoy touring my classroom!

Can a PS3 hook up to a Smartboard

Math Journal Sundays It’s a rainy day this morning I guess it’s nature’s way of telling me to stay inside and clean my house today. This week I had a reader ask me how I use my math journals in my classroom. I guess my math journals are more of an interactive glossary or how-to manual. Every time we have a new definition, or a formula or procedure, I try to do a foldable for it.

Feedback to Students Ask students if they understand how to find the missing addend and allow them to demonstrate and give feedback as necessary to scaffold.

Shopping Bag Use multiple displays with your Mac Your Mac takes full advantage of each display that you’ve connected to it by providing options for using the additional screen space. Learn how to extend or mirror your work to an additional display. You can set up an additional display with your Mac in several ways.

If your Mac doesn’t have a built-in display, you can add a display to the first one you connected. When you connect an additional display, you can: Set up an extended desktop to make one display an extension of the other. Set up an extended desktop When you use your displays as one continuous desktop, you can spread out your work any way you like. Move your pointer past the edge of one display and it appears on the other display.

At first, your primary display has all of your desktop icons and open app windows. You can drag them to the other display as needed. Here’s how to set up an extended desktop:

Projector People : Deciphering Cables & Connections

Report Story Burt walks over to the bowl and rubs his finger around the opening of the fishbowl. Not in response to Burt because she donesnt understand him, and she didn’t even acknowledge him. Burt takes this blub as “You bet! Let’s go in that corner and fuck.

I have an extremely high ratio of boys in my class

Technology in the Art Classroom Art teachers collaborate on a wish list for 21st century art instruction equipment Teachers. Net Community Regular Feature in the Gazette February 1, Posted by btg If you could have anything in regards to technology to help you be a better art teacher, what would you buy? I have just been given some money from my school board and I want to use it wisely.

Posted by Joy Jordan I would buy scanners, digital video cameras, color ink cartridges, some art software, a laser printer, and a few of those digital drawing pads. And this would be during the first five minutes of the shopping spree. Posted by Art Teacher Add to that an LCD projector some are reasonable so you can show your students art on a screen rather from a book or needing more computers in the classroom for everyone.

Don’t forget a good digital camera so you can take lots of pictures of your students at work and of their work. I too envy you. Art I would love to have an Activ Board. It connects to your computer and your computer screen is shown on a large screen for the whole class to see. I would use it to show art and do Power Point presentations.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight.

Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

You can now write, draw or annotate whatever is on your screen.

Counting songs open the way for success in math, language and motor skills for preschoolers and primary grade children. The importance of music and songs in a child’s education becomes apparent when used regularly and the progress measured at predetermined intervals. Not to mention the fun of playing these songs at home or in the classroom. When they count to 20, dance a jig. Giving your child the three nickels they sang about in the song and playing out each lyric teaches valuable lessons about spending and saving.

At the end of a month, count out how many nickels the piggy bank holds and go shopping. Counting down songs teaches subtraction and children love to sing along to songs they know well. On a field trip, songs like ” Bottles of Soda Pop ” keep them happy as they concentrate on the next bottle of soda pop falling off the wall, or passing to the next in line.

Second languages Learning a second language never gets easier with age.

Connecting Wii to Smart Board

A Little Bit of Blood and Gore Our classroom was covered in blood today As part of our human body unit in science, we made blood today. I have an extremely high ratio of boys in my class And a HIT it was!!! The past few days we had studied the circulatory system, so today was the day to make blood.

Thursday we had our big three-part lesson on prime factors, and so many students went back to their math journals to see the factor tree.

Common Projector Problems and Solutions Problem Projector is not turning on when pushing the power button. Make sure the outlet in which the projector is connected has power. Some projectors also have “indicator” or “status” LED lights on the control panel. If this light is on or flashing please refer to your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for solutions and explanations.

Projector is not getting a signal or is not projecting the computer picture. Check to make sure you are on the current input. Most projectors have multiple inputs I. If that does not resolve the problem, check the video cable otherwise known as the VGA cable Click here. If you are using a laptop, you may have to hit the FN key and a function button to get the picture to project from the projector. First locate the function key at the top of your keypad that reads LCD, CRT or it may have an icon that resembles a computer monitor.

By pressing the FN key and the corresponding function key you will be able to obtain the image from the projector only or both the projector and the laptop screen. Projector is only projecting a partial image or part of the image is cut off.

How can I hook up my smartboard

August 3, By Matt Bluetooth is a really helpful technology that offers you the ability to wirelessly connect devices to your iPhone. Whether you need a keyboard to make it easier to type, or you want to be able to listen to your music without disturbing people in your office, there are Bluetooth devices to solve your problem. But what if you want to connect your Bluetooth keyboard to your iPhone so you can type a long email, but you are already listening to music through your Spotify account?

It allows you to do quite a few things.

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Wordle Free To determine background knowledge and to formulate a baseline for instruction, I will create a Wordle using student input of what they know about the topic. Students will get to view the completed creation which will indicate the most popular responses and serve as a launch point for an introductory group discussion. Individual students would then present their attempt to the class using the Elmo projector and explaining their thinking to their peers.

Students would submit answers within the online program as well as on paper for teacher to review problem solving process. Data can also be accessed via IXL reports specific to skill to determine mastery.

Our choice for Word of the Year is as much about what is visible as it is about what is not.

Computers Promethean white boards work in conjunction with your computer and a projector to display interactive diagrams at the front of a classroom or workspace. The Prometheans look similar to standard white boards but use advanced recognition technology to relay signals from the board to your computer. While the technology is complex, hooking up your laptop takes only a minute or two.

Fasten both screws on either side of the VGA cable to lock the connection in pl Computers A Promethean board is a type of “smart” white board that has a high level of interactivity. Images from your computer are be displayed on the board, and a set of digital pens and erasers allow you to digitally “draw” on the projected image. This makes for an instant brainstorming tool and highly effective method of delivering lectures and presentations. The Promethean board should come with the necessary cables needed for hookup.

Plug the other e Computers Classroom technology has evolved from classic chalkboards to highly sophisticated electronic boards, such as a Promethean board. These boards allow educators to utilize the advances of computer technology to further the teaching of a particular subject. FunctionPromethean boards are white boards that are used in conjunction with a computer, projector and a signaling stylus. The projector sends an image of what is currently on the computer up to the Promethean board, and the signaling stylus is used as a computer mouse on the board itself to click and maneuver around the document or picture being presented.

Even with the adapter, the hook up will take only a minute or two, and you won’t need any tools to complete the process.

Elmo Online Hookup & Dating

Do you literally just hook it up and it mirrors? You are correct about the audio. Glad we could help!

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The first is to make sure that you have everything you need. Here is a quick checklist: You will want to set up your SMART Board in a location that is suitable for what it is you will be using it for, whether it is whole class instruction, or guided instruction. You might want to place tape markings on the floor for the location of the front wheels.

This way, if it gets bumped during class you can easily move it back to its location. Most of the time these two items will end up near one another, due to the cable length. Now that you have these two things set up you are ready to power up your projector and computer. If you can turn on your projector first and then turn on your computer it should automatically detect the projector. If your computer is already turned on then you will have to change the monitor settings so that you monitor will be showing up on the SMART Board.

If you have another model of computer you may want to learn the equivalent of these shortcuts, see your school or district technology specialist for more information about your particular machine. If for some reason you seem to be having trouble with your SMART connection first check to make sure that you have the board connected, you have to have both the projector and the board itself connected to the computer.

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Each student has cards in their pocket for each of the level.

Last year I taught 1st grade. I was able to teach them the basics with computers. I hope it helps them in the future for 2nd grade and beyond. Just like anything you teach children some were ready for it and some were not. I taught the basics to whole group. If they were ready for it, I taught them more advanced things they could do on the computer.