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Abstract With considerable literature establishing how separate types of violence disrupt the lives of children, there is emerging interest in examining violence across multiple interpersonal domains. This paper examines four commonly occurring and frequently researched domains of violence exposure: A community-based sample of parents and youth provided three waves of data at annual intervals beginning when the youth were aged 9— We explored stability of exposure, co-occurrence across different types of violence exposure, and associations with co-occurring risk factors.

In addition to overlap among types of violence exposure within the family, we found overlap between parent-to-youth aggression and community violence, an association that was exacerbated in families where fathers reported high levels of global distress symptoms. These results highlight the importance of examining violence longitudinally, across multiple types, and with attention to contextual factors.

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Keeping with the modern approach to helping singles find love, Simantov is partnering with Dr. Terri Orbuch to create science-based resources for singles. The song is sung by Jewish sisters who are thinking wistfully about the men with whom their local matchmaker will pair them. Traditionally, matchmakers were highly important in Jewish communities, second only to the Rabbi.

Parents would come to the matchmaker to ensure their children were connected with someone compatible — and with whom they could start a family. They want a person who will uphold the traditions of their culture — no matter how closely they hold to the religious aspects of it.

The manual mode is combined with the automatic mode and is performed as a complementary mechanism in order to improve the automatic analysis mode.

Not only is it the home and location that you’ve pined for, but it’s absolutely stunning. This home has such taste and elegance, that I had to pause at each room to admire it and take it all in. The beautiful hardwood floors, installed on the diagonal, accentuate the great room which has your 3 main rooms. This room is ideal for that incredible house warming party you are planning as the kitchen dining room and living room all open together. Highlighted by a gas fireplace with a stone surround and flanked by sunburst windows, the living room is both beckoning and bright.

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Why do people in ‘happy relationships’ still cheat? But you shouldn’t torture yourself with the idea that they were secretly unhappy, as this may not be the case. Sarah Ryan, director of matchmaking agency Simantov International, who has done extensive research in this area, agrees: The cheat is not sure what they want for themselves. It can be difficult to know what you want – even when you’re perfectly happy with your partner, it might seem the grass is greener in singledom.

They embraced a worldview that states that the Jewish response to suffering is to live fuller and more engaged lives.

Home About Projects Contact Projects This page represents a small selection of current and past projects Fingermouse has been involved with. Some projects cannot be shown here for commercial reasons, particularly where Fingermouse has been sub-contracted on a larger project. If you’d like to know more about a specific project or have something new that you’d like to discuss, just get in touch. Fingermouse is responsible for the front end of the site and has worked with Widernet to develop many back end features.

The site has been featured in the Guardian, Independent, Internet Works various other print and broadcast media. They find and vet potential partners for millionaires using their network of contacts and staff of professional psychologists. Fingermouse is involved in day-to-day maintenance of the website and producing print material such as magazine and newspaper adverts.

Fingermouse also developed Seventy Thirty’s client management system, an online database which handles all of their contacts, communications and client details. Seventy Thirty staff can access client information anywhere in the world and keep track of the status of each contact or potential match. Seventy Thirty are regularly featured in the national press, radio and television. It also allows people to create their own quizzes and features a number of back-end innovations.

This ad-supported site is a test-bed for various Ruby on Rails techniques and is frequently updated with new features and content. The site is truly international in scope and is available in several languages, each of which are handled by the custom Ruby on Rails system to make the experience of switching languages as transparent as possible.

The front end was also designed and developed by Fingermouse, based around some initial provided sketches which were turned into a working, interactive site.

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You thought Jewish matchmakers went out of style with Hello, Dolly!? We all know happily married couples who met online. I tell all of my clients to use every tool at their disposal to find The One. That includes using my services, which focus on very few dates but I hope high-quality ones that have been vetted by me; online dating for a more general approach; and meeting people through natural social channels via friends, hobbies, work and more.

Different people will naturally gravitate more to some approaches. For example, as people get more advanced in their careers and successful, they naturally have less and less time to spend viewing online dating sites and meeting new friends. In this case, they may find it beneficial to use a matchmaker to consider potential matches. My perspective on love was heavily influenced by my father, Rabbi Aaron Gottesman, who before his death in , was married to my mother for 36 years and who counseled hundreds of couples before marriage.

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Onsite Barcode Mechanism The expense management system is further operable to enable collecting and depositing hardcopy invoices via the system’s collection tool.

The system is further operable to provide various organizational expense management aspects for the corporate finance department and the business traveler based upon stored data. Additionally, the system is configured to use a content recognition engine, configured as an enhanced OCR mechanism used for extracting tagged text from invoice images and also provides continuous learning mechanism in a structured mode allowing classification of invoice images by type, providing continual process of improvement and betterment throughout.

Employees travelling for business may spend thousands of dollars during their stay in other countries—on hotels, travel, consumed services, exhibitions, tradeshows and the like. But current VAT reclaim is still largely a bureaucratic process involving the filing of multiple forms. It gets more complex since employees travel between different countries, causing the finance department to work simultaneously with many VAT agencies in different countries.

One of the major cited difficulties is dealing with foreign taxes. Most modern offices of business entities have to manage on a daily basis a large amount of documents in general, and particularly business documents comprising invoices of goods, services consumed by the business entity and the like. Commonly, invoices are presented as a physical form paper requiring a process to transform the invoice into a digital format by scanning or capturing digitally using a mobile phone, for example.

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Simantov to Gamida Cell. Simantov’s background and experience in the industry will be a valuable addition to Gamida Cell. This is also the first step we are taking towards establishing a U. Simantov brings more than 20 years of experience in research, development, registration, and launch of hematology and oncology drugs. Prior to joining Gamida Cell, Dr.

Several studies investigated the assumption that the overall number or amount of adverse circumstances has a greater impact than does any one specific adverse event e.

VC-backed Gamida Cell hires chief medical officer July 10, Print Email Jerusalem-based Gamida Cell, a provider of cellular and immune therapies that treat cancer and orphan genetic diseases, has appointed Dr. Ronit Simantov as its new chief medical officer. Previously, Simantov was vice president and head of global medical affairs at Pfizer Oncology. Simantov to Gamida Cell. This is also the first step we are taking towards establishing a U. Simantov brings more than 20 years of experience in research, development, registration, and launch of hematology and oncology drugs.

Prior to joining Gamida Cell, Dr. Simantov holds a B. Simantov has co-authored more than 40 peer-reviewed journal manuscripts. NiCord leverages the advantages of umbilical cord blood, which does not need full tissue matching to the patient and can therefore be available to practically all patients in need. It also aims to address the major barrier of umbilical cord blood transplantation — delayed hematopoietic recovery — by demonstrating an advantage with a primary endpoint that is clinically meaningful.

Gamida Cell is currently enrolling patients in an international, multi-center, Phase 3 registration study of NiCord as a graft for bone marrow transplantation for patients with blood cancer who do not have a rapidly available fully matched donor. The Company announced in February that the first patient in the study had been transplanted. For more information on enrolling transplantation centers and study inclusion and exclusion criteria please click here.

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The discussion is provided only for understanding of the invention that follows. The summary is not an admission that any of the work described below is prior art to the claimed invention. The corresponding process in plants is commonly referred to as post transcriptional gene silencing or RNA silencing and is also referred to as quelling in fungi.

The process of post transcriptional gene silencing is thought to be an evolutionarily conserved cellular defense mechanism used to prevent the expression of foreign genes which is commonly shared by diverse flora and phyla Fire et al. Such protection from foreign gene expression may have evolved in response to the production of double stranded RNAs dsRNA derived from viral infection or the random integration of transposon elements into a host genome via a cellular response that specifically destroys homologous single stranded RNA or viral genomic RNA.

Short interfering RNAs derived from dicer activity are typically about nucleotides in length and comprise about 19 base pair duplexes. Dicer has also been implicated in the excision of 21 and 22 nucleotide small temporal RNAs stRNA from precursor RNA of conserved structure that are implicated in translational control Hutvagner et al. Cleavage of the target RNA takes place in the middle of the region complementary to the antisense strand of the siRNA duplex Elbashir et al.

Wianny and Goetz, , Nature Cell Biol. Recent work in Drosophila embryonic lysates Elbashir et al. Replacing up to 4 nucleotides on each end of the siRNA with deoxyribonucleotides has been reported to be well tolerated whereas complete substitution with deoxyribonucleotides results in no RNAi activity Elbashir et al. In addition, Elbashir et al. However, Kreutzer and Limmer similarly fail to show to what extent these modifications are tolerated in siRNA molecules nor do they provide any examples of such modified siRNA.

Incorporation of 5-iodouracil and 3- aminoallyl uracil in the antisense strand resulted in substantial decrease in RNAi activity as well.