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In May I bought the edt in a dutyfree and it was SO watered down that I could not detect it and others around me could not either, had to return it. I was so disappointed that I went to a nearby sephora to tragically testify that it was just the same. Hermes either reformulated this or people are storing this fragrance in bad conditions because citrus based fragrances are very sensitive, for now, I will opt for the first guess because there does not seem to be a coincidence of smelling this and be the same in different countries. If this is true, Terre d’hermes is dead and will be sorely missed. But also, what to talk about Terre d’Hermes that probably has not been said exhaustively? This is the type of perfume that has gained its status in the perfumery culture so that its aroma, its technical aspects and its occasions of use have been thoroughly covered. Its legacy is such that it not only became a sales success but became a template for others to take inspiration and a slice of its lucrative market. And tris creates the risk of being underestimated its importance and relevance even. It is one of those times when many factors align and create a creation that guarantees its place in history despite countless releases poured on the market year after year.

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Stella had decided on a simple blue dress that complimented her figure well, and Madison actually said something kind of nice about it when she tried it on. Stella was going to wear a pair of jeweled wedges with the dress. She just wanted something casual. She always loved getting her hair done, it felt good. I do wear it, just not all the time.

She realized she could be calling her something way worse, and it was true she was new here. So the name made sense. You can look in the mirror if you want. Now, move it bitches, mama needs to get dressed. She nodded at her when she said she needed to get dressed. After an hour or so Madison, Zoe and Stella were on their way to the party, and Stella was a little nervous and maybe a little excited. Dibs on the blonde in the white dress.

As Madison willingly followed the guy Kyle noticed the other blonde that had been behind her, along with a brunette. Picking up another mug he moved over to the blonde in the other end of the room.

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Maybe for the first time in your life. You thought this person was your one and only. Or they did — but then they changed their mind and broke up with you.

And you have no idea what these girls are going through.

Beans, Grains, and Vegetables! How many times have we all heard this bunk myth repeated? A Trip Through The Human Digestive System abridged Briefly, the function of digestion is to break food down as far as possible—hopefully into individual fats, amino acids the building blocks of protein , and sugars the building blocks of carbohydrates which can be absorbed through the intestinal wall and used by our bodies.

Click the picture for a more in-depth description, courtesy of the University of Cincinnati’s biology department. We crush food in the mouth, where amylase an enzyme breaks down some of the starches. In the stomach, pepsin another enzyme breaks down proteins, and strong hydrochloric acid pH 1. Keep in mind that we have not absorbed any nutrients yet: Click the picture for more fascinating information on gastrointestinal transit times! Eventually our pyloric valve opens, and our stomach releases the chyme, bit by bit, into our small intestine—where a collection of salts and enzymes goes to work.

Bile emulsifies fats and helps neutralize stomach acid; lipase breaks down fats; trypsin and chymotrypsin break down proteins; and enzymes like amylase, maltase, sucrase, and in the lactose-tolerant lactase break down starches and some sugars.


Because i see no evidence saying it is. She doesnt even give him the respect to say what really happened on the show. Shes a selfish spoiled brat, and she lives in Council Bluffs, IA where a ton of people hate her for what shes doing about Derek. If you support Farrah youre just as ignorant and stupid as she is. I was never friends with Farrah and I can tell you that neglecting her daughter is just one of her bad traits.

But it was a shame he dies before Sophia arrives.

The object was to ride around the track once bidding for the fastest time.

Barrett is a size 7 or 8. He is absolutely crazy about soccer. Dwight Werren If you get a chance, drop over there and post a message or email me and I’ll forward you Paul’s email. Damn, after being PC all these years, now I know what it feels like to be the brunt of a politically correct label: Hey, you European-American, the black guy you remember was Mr. John Maroney No, he was rather white. I think he had left by the time you arrived.

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More of a skin scent.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight.

Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change? Has there been too much? Meanwhile, many Americans continue to face change in their homes, bank accounts and jobs. Only time will tell if the latest wave of change Americans voted for in the midterm elections will result in a negative or positive outcome.

Tergiversate This rare word was chosen to represent because it described so much of the world around us. Tergiversate means “to change repeatedly one’s attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc.

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Versatility king along with sauvage Jun wnstwnst It opens with sharp citrus notes which feel pleasant. Within half an hour, it becomes a little sweeter and start bringing the elegance in. So if you judge this fragrance by its top note then it is a normal fragrance nothing special but if you wait for 30 minutes then it will start to convert into something amazing. For me, this how a perfume should behave, comes out like a mystery out of ordinary.

Tiffany unless your also a teen mom or was a teen mom i dont see how any of you think you have the right to judge anyone.

Guys in the living room playing a video game Chad- ay ya ya ya yay yyyeeee Mickey- ggrrrrr, gggrrrrr Jerry- Come on, come on! QT- walking in Its here! Doug- This is it! Jerry- Girls across the country will be taking this picture and locking themselves in the bathroom! Jerry- My earlobes are disgusting! I cant look at it! Mickey- Once again they failed to capture my Busta Rhymes quality. QT- I thought the camera was supposed to add ten pounds!

Guys hang on a minute! You notice anything strange about this picture? Chad- laughing Jerrys earlobe! Doug- Take a closer look, Anything missing? Im not in it!

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That the Grinch’s small district Grew three sizes that day. I could be running this dump! The Grinch ran for town clerk! Anacecilia Unfortunately, a Mexican account won’t work. So, if it is ok with you, we can keep using yours for those who prefer this type of payment.

Just a more pleasant,less headache inducing Sauvage.

Comments Read by 9, people The following excerpts have been graciously contributed by Fernando Ferfal Aguirre and were originally published in his highly rated book The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving The Economic Collapse. You may also visit his web site at The Modern Survivalist. From bank runs, crime waves, and food shortages, to restrictive government policies and corruption, Ferfal details what you can expect when the end of the world as we know it becomes reality. For many, especially those just beginning their preparations, reserve food, water, guns, ammunition and off-grid survival supplies are keystones for emergency and disaster preparedness.

He also includes discussions on how you can expect your local and central governments to respond when chaos reigns supreme, supply shortages leave tens of thousands without food in their bellies, and the value of your currency is equivalent to toilet paper. In light of recent developments in the USA and Europe, which suggest that governments are not only aware of the near-term possibility of currency meltdown, bank runs, and widespread rioting, but that they are preparing response plans which may include deployment of military personnel and detainment of citizens, Ferfal has allowed us to reprint portions of the relevant discussions on this topic to help you better understand what to expect and how you can prepare for it.

Like a little boy with a new toy, he promises to give it back soon. Combine that with rampant corruption and placing puppet in the Senate and the Supreme Court, and governors in a few key provinces. A president in Argentina holds more power than a king of old Spain or England ever did. How dare the weak, whining opposition question my demands? That sounds much nicer.

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Mickey- What are you talking about!

The children would play together, Clark recalls, and she and Walton would go on walks and talk over coffee. Walton’s children, year-old Noah, year-old Lily, and year-old Andrew Romando, were also widely loved, as evidenced by the thousands of members who have joined Facebook memorial pages set up in the honor of each, and where friends have posted memories of good times shared. The teen’s creative talents are also frequently cited, particularly her gift for photography.

This past summer was also a particularly joyful time for Walton, who’d remarried in June. All happiness was shattered just before midnight on August 28 when, for reasons that remain unclear and may never fully be understood, Noah Philip Romando allegedly shot and killed his mother and his two younger siblings. According to sources, Walton’s husband, Don Walton, was not at home because he works out of town during the week.

The call, which was placed from the house at Stony Point Road, across the street from Stony Point Elementary School, came in at According to an August 29 affidavit filed in Albemarle County Circuit Court in support of a search warrant, the caller told the operator that people had been shot, then the call abruptly terminated. The communications operator allegedly heard a gunshot before the phone went dead.

When emergency responders arrived minutes later, according to the affidavit, they discovered two deceased females and one deceased male. One male victim, whom police have said was not the shooter and who is therefore believed to have been Andrew, was transported to the hospital and later died of his injuries.

Among evidence collected from the house were five cartridge casings with fragments, a Ruger rifle with bullets, one white piece of paper with a red stain, an envelope, a red and black motorola cell phone, and “primer” residue from both Noah Romando and Walton. The warrant indicates that investigators found a handgun by the deceased male, though no handgun was listed on the search inventory.

Evan Peters: “I’m Tate, I’m dead. You wanna hook up?”