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History[ edit ] There is evidence of settlement in the area now known as Southampton as far back as the Stone Age , but no evidence of boating or port activity. The settlement was abandoned when the Romans left Britain in AD. The population reached about 5, , making it a large town. Legend has it that while in Southampton although Bosham , West Sussex makes a similar claim , [2] Viking king Cnut the Great also known as King Canute sat on the shore on his throne and commanded the incoming tide to stop and not wet his robes. The tide ignored him. He was not trying to prove he was all-powerful, but was demonstrating to his courtiers that even he was not all-powerful; they should worship God instead.

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This area also supports a good variety of boating options, though it can be shallow and tricky in some parts.

Vice-Chancellor, University of Kent. For services to Science. For services to Palliative Care. For services to Art. Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge. For services to Higher Education. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Mrs Naila Zaffar. Headteacher, Copthorne Primary School, Bradford. For services to local and national Education. Senior consultant Neurosurgeon, St. For services to Medicine in the UK and Ukraine. Dr Lee James Taylor White.

Head, Gabon’s National Parks Agency. For services to Medicine.

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They make up the core, national syllabus of learning to swim for primary school aged children. They are designed to reward your child for their development of the essential aquatic skills they need to be confident, competent and safe in the water. Each of the Learn to Swim Stage Awards has a list of clear outcomes that need to be completed in order to gain each Award.

Learn to Swim Stage Awards Outcomes Stage 1 By completing this Award, with or without floatation equipment or support, you will be able to: Enter the water safely.

Travel using a recognised leg action with feet off the pool floor on the back for 5 metres, without the use of floatation equipment.

Ads are being placed all the time, so remember to pop by every now and then to see whats new. If you’re looking to buy or sell bits and pieces for your Ford car, it might also be worth doing a search on eBay, see below for a sample of what’s on there today. On this page are all the adverts placed for classic Fords, grouping together ads that can be found on the existing individual Ford model pages.

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Freehold This attractive detached property dating from has been imaginatively extended to offer well-balanced accommodation over two floors, with good-sized rooms throughout and a fantastic south-west facing garden. Sitting on a 0. There is planning permission to build a free standing, two-bedroom annexe 98 m2 at the end of the garden. All-in-all, a welcoming and flexible property.

Went on to study at Wharton School.

Symptoms of an ingrown toenail. There are several signs a toenail – often the big toe – is ingrown. Pain if pressure is placed on the toe Inflammation of the skin at the end of the toe A build-up of fluid in the area surrounding the toe An overgrowth of skin around the affected toe Bleeding White or yellow pus coming from the affected area. How you cut your toenails could cause ingrowing ones Read More 3.

Preventing an ingrown toenail. As part of your daily routine, you should be doing all of the following: Keep your feet clean by washing them regularly with soap and water Change your socks regularly Cut your toenails straight across to stop them digging into the surrounding skin Gently push the skin away from the nail using a cotton bud this may be easier after using a small amount of olive oil to soften the skin Wear comfortable shoes that fit properly. Treating ingrowing toenails at home.

If your toenail doesn’t improve, or of it becomes infected, then surgery may be required. However, if it’s not too severe, the try one of the following: Try giving your feet a good soak Read More Killer plants and flowers your pets should avoid – and it’s not just lilies you need to worry about Soak or wash foot with either Castile soap or Epsom salts to soften the affected area.

This may help to draw the skin away from the nail.

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In Mary married airman Raymond Baxter who left to serve in England, returning to Lowell in Her daughter Judy was born September Mary told Judy that Jack Kerouac was her father. Daughter Cheryl born , but Mary and Raymond divorced in

Legend has it that while in Southampton although Bosham , West Sussex makes a similar claim , [2] Viking king Cnut the Great also known as King Canute sat on the shore on his throne and commanded the incoming tide to stop and not wet his robes.

Gone were the steelworks and factories which had seen the area thrive at the heart of the industrial revolution. The train station, which had once seen thousands of workers on its platform every day, was run down and dilapidated, and the high street was filled with rows of boarded up shops. Now, it is a very different place — almost every shop is open for business, colourful hanging baskets adorn each shop front and the railway station has a bustling cafe and function room which would look good on a picture postcard.

So how have these once dead-on-their-feet towns on the outskirts of Salford managed to pick themselves up and buck the trend of the struggling British high street to thrive again? Florist Luana Saycell says everyone in the town pulls together to foster pride and success Image: But, he says, the community itself has been instrumental in stopping the rot and transforming its own fortunes.

The community have to get themselves together and organise. We have officers at the council who help enormously, but we drive it as a community. Hamilton Davies Read More As shops close in their droves – what you can do to save the high street When Neil was born in , Irlam was booming.

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Prehistoric times[ edit ] Numerous gravel pits have been dug in the Southampton area, many of which have yielded Stone Age tools. Richard Warner [5] investigated those claims and found a ditch, a bank and some Roman coins. The settlement was known as Hamwic [8] and or Hamtun, the two names co-existed and described the same area but were used in different contexts. Mary’s Church also appear in 11th century documents.

Willibald , written by an Anglo-Saxon nun named Hygeburg in the late 8th century.

In , during the English Civil War, a Parliamentary garrison moved into Southampton, [36] initially to defend against seaborne attack from Royalist ships.

Addlestone Crockford Bridge Farm Children can walk through a forest with woodland elves to visit Father Christmas and his enchanted helpers to tell him their Christmas wishes. Tickets will be available to buy in early November from crockfordbridgefarm. November 24 to December 25 – various times Address: Book tickets by visiting finkleydownfarm.

Children can visit Father Christmas in his magical grotto. December , and Address: Book your tickets by calling or visiting chessington. November 26 to December Free includes gift , no ticket required, simply turn up on the day Painshill Park Meet Father Christmas in his crystal grotto at Painshill Park. The grotto follows a week of jam-packed festive fun at the site called A Taste of Christmas which features a magical moonlit walk across the landscape. December 2 to December 24 Address: Tickets available soon from painshill.

November 19, 25 and 26 and Saturdays and Sundays various days and times from 11am-4pm Address:

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Most old names are descriptive and Calmore is not an exception. When the name was looked up it was found to mean “Cabbages on the marsh” or in other words the marsh or moor where cabbages grow. These cabbage plants would’ve been Sea Kale, hence the name Kalmoor – Calmoor – Calmore, its only in modern times that there has been any consistency in spellings.

The area of low land surrounding Tatchbury Mount was extremely boggy and only suitable for farming in the drier months of the year.

The 16th and 17th centuries were another period of decline for Southampton, as other ports such as London competed for business.

Spare some change for the BNP? Let it not be said that here at Sump we’re afraid to tackle a little controversy. In fact, we love it, especially when it comes from the British National Party; the party that everyone loves to hate—or is that hates to love? To that end, we’ve just received a press release from BNP chairman Nick Griffin complete with an attached begging bowl seeking funds.

Fifty-two year old Griffin is already a Member of the European Parliament North West England and now he’s campaigning to seize control of the London Assembly; that august body of never-do-wells who run the political machinery underpinning one of the greatest cities on earth. Only, the way Nick’s carrying on at the moment, it looks more likely that he’s gonna find himself not in the mayors seat but in jail for stirring up some serious racial hatred at a time when tensions are higher than they’ve been in a generation.

Just check out the rhetoric: Think of the shame of the Establishment, who have ignored this systematic abuse of our innocent children and even tried to jail me for speaking out about it in two gruelling trials in Leeds Crown Court in Except that our recollection of those riots revealed an awful lot of white faces mixed up in the melee. And as for Muslim paedophile gangs, we’ve never seen the slightest evidence that Asians have demonstrated a greater propensity for illegal “grooming” than any other demographic.

But what’s it all got to do with British classic biking? Well, quite a lot actually. Most of us are into our Triumphs, Nortons, BSAs, Ajays and whatever not simply for the hardware, but also for the cosy illusion of a golden age of British biking that goes with it; the idea of rolling English countryside and quaint English country towns and the lilac-smelling freedom of the open road.

And all of that dissolves in Nick’s “rivers-of-blood” portrait of the present and his apocalyptic vision of the future.

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Over the centuries, this association with the founding father of modern natural history recording has attracted naturalists and literary pilgrims from around the world, many of them staying in the Queens Arms. In Hampshire Days he recalls his last visit to Selborne during July Josephine Tozier, the American travel writer made a return visit in Arriving at Alton station after telegraphing ahead, she found the host of the Queen’s Arms, sitting on the box of his wagonette waiting for her.

At the Queen’s Arms the bar, true to its name, is a broad shelf of wood, lifted or put down at the will of the innkeeper’s pretty daughter, when she serves cider, or more potent drinks, to thirsty customers. To be invited into the family parlour, behind the bar, is the privilege of only the chosen few”.

Formerly chief executive, East of England Regional Assembly.

The Lepe Country Park is on the cliff top above. At the back of the beach, and below the level of the cliff top, there are toilets, a cafe and a shop, useful facilities. The western part of the low, shore car park was not originally a beach but it was formerly the location where the Dark Water stream flowed out to sea. This stream now flows out just east of the Watch House and there is a road bridge accross it.

This remained the situation until early in the 19th century when a new opening was made in about the middle of the valley. The old, former eastern opening near Stone Point, had, earlier, been the result of deflection of the stream channel by flint shingle moving eastward, i. Examination of old maps suggest that this would have taken place in the 18th century or before. The deflection might well have been associated with the great hurricane of Daniel Defoe’s “Storm”.

The former site of the stream channel is the low ground where the cafe, shop and toilets are now situated. At Stone Point the coast turns seaward forming in a small, curved, gentle promontary. There is a beach area, at about 3m. At the back of this and the adjacent area the with low cliffs, about 5m. Some small buildings at the landward side of the car park, are actually seaward of the cliff.

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